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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

For details about how Knebworth School complies with its duties in the Equality Act 2010, please see our Equality Objectives Policy below.

Knebworth Primary School's Diversity Statement 

As a school, we recognise that we are not naturally diverse and our families and staff are predominantly from the White British community.  As a result, we acknowledge that we need to proactively continue to bring diversity into our school in order to achieve greater representation through a carefully planned, sequenced and inclusive curriculum that recognises the contributions of all members of society.  Through our consciously crafted curriculum, we amplify the stories of diverse people, provoking interest, promoting acceptance, and empowering all students with a sense of identity and belonging.

At Knebworth, we are fortunate to have all staff and governors fully committed to the programme and are eager and energised by the work the school is currently doing.  Race equity is firmly on the school agenda and forms part of our strategic vision for the school.  One of our strategic goals is:

Knebworth School will: 

Be known and recognised as a school that promotes diversity, equality, and inclusion in all its forms and whose curriculum is constructed to teach understanding and acceptance, encouraging informed and insightful conversation, and preparing children for life in a multicultural society.

At Knebworth, we support our students to:
  • Be informed and educated on current societal issues including race and gender discrimination
  • Be confident and articulate in challenging discriminatory views
  • Be knowledgeable about the society that they are a part of both local and global
  • Have a strong sense of belonging, to our school community and the world beyond our walls
  • Be anti- racist
  • Understand the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead of them, no matter their gender, heritage, religion or sexuality