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High Aspirations Deep Roots

Year 5&6 Boys Autumn Football Tournament

Match Report

Game 1

In the group stage, we played Peartree Spring in our first game. We had a solid performance, but we settled with a 0-0 draw which put us on one point and first in the group. This was the keepers' first clean sheet, and it was a very close game as their defence was really good. Not the best for us as our striker did have some chances, but it was our first match and we were just getting started!  

Game 2

Yet again, we had a 0-0 draw, but this time it was against Round Diamond who has some really good players who could weave the ball through our defenders. Now we are on 2 points and at risk of going out. We had to watch another game to see if we got through. We luckily went through to the semi-finals. We had to have someone to win. One of the teams won 1-0 and we went through! 

Game 3 Semi Final!

This was a very lucky game as Bedwell are a really good team and very good at football skills. This time we played against some of our friends. For most of the game there were no chances, but in the last minute, our keeper made a great save, and then it came to the RB and then he played it to RW. The RW crossed to our LW, but the opposition keeper pushed it into his own net. WE WON 1-0! and we are in the final!

Game 4 The Final

We had made it to the final. From nearly getting knocked out to making it to the final, it had been a tough journey but we had made it. We were playing Aston. They were one of the best teams in the tournament. Their keeper was really good. The game started with us having more chances and being more consistent. We went 1-0 up from a corner and their defender hit it in! We got to the end of the game and…….  we had WON! Knebworth were the champions of the tournament for the second time in a row! We went up to collect our medals and trophy. The trophy was back where it belongs.

Written by Isaac, Noah R, Lewis & Oliver (Year 5)